You May Have Moved on, But Your Body Still Remembers – Dr. A. Potvin.


As I’ve written about before, the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself.  Whether you like it or not. Another difficult realization is how long it can take for our bodies to implement some of the changes our thinking selves so desperately want.  But here’s the thing:

Your body has a memory.  It lasts longer than your mind-memory does.

Not even in a woowoo way, either.

Your cells die.  New ones are born.  Receptors on the surface of your cells rearrange themselves to better receive messages. Sometimes receptors are put away. Other times more are brought out.  New pathways in your brain have to be built, like foot paths through the woods, while the old pathways fill in with brush.  Your body has to trust that you will nourish it, and you won’t leave it to starve.  It won’t get rid of its reserves until it can trust you.  It has to know life is safe before you can sleep through the night again.  How your genes express themselves takes time to change.  The stress your grandmother felt may still be expressing itself in your genetic makeup now.    

Your body adjusts over time. Sometimes this can take a lot of time.

That’s why you have to tell it every day that you are there and you will give it what it needs. Nutrients, sleep, kindness, forgiveness, movement, sunshine. The list goes on. History rewrites itself in every action that you do differently from that moment forward.

You have to be your body’s reason to trust.

Wellness Said with Love,

Dr. Potvin