Marg Eggleton – Laser Technician

My Name is Marg. Eggleton RN . I run the Bioflex Laser Therapy through the PCNM office. The laser therapy is a noninvasive treatment that heals wounds such as diabetic ulcers, PVD ulcers, burns, shingle and nerve pain, neuropathy, headaches from migraines, etc It also assists in healing of surgical wounds. Decreases the rehab time from joint surgeries, muscle/joint injuries.

My treatment builds and repairs damage cells. This process requires program length depending on the injury or ailment as we are building new undamaged cells. During this process you will notice an increase in mobility and decreased pain which is can be preventing you from enjoying your activities of daily living.

I was a patient prior to starting this program and was amazed with my healing experience and witnessed many positive results from other patients while I visited this clinic in Toronto. This was developed by Dr Kann who was practicing as a vascular surgeon in Toronto. I was so impressed that I wanted others who be able who have also been suffering to benefit from these treatments as well and to regain back your independence and living life to the fullest as possible.

I am available to discuss the treatment and length of time required or book an app’t to discuss your questions regarding the program.