(Healthier) Mac and Cheese

When I give people recipes I don’t like giving them specific measurements and quantities of ingredients. Cooking is an art, it’s about adding as much or as little of an ingredient as resonates with you at that exact moment.

Tonight for dinner I wanted comfort food. Something warming and filling. Something that hits the spot. Who doesn’t love a bowl of pasta! Here is tonights recipe:

chopped spanish onions

chopped broccoli

chopped garlic

olive oil

brown rice pasta (elbow macaroni noodles)

goat cheese

While the brown rice pasta is cooking, saute the broccoli and onions in a frying pan with the chopped garlic until fragrant, the brocoli is bright green and the onions are clear. Remove from heat and add the drained pasta. Stir in the enough goat cheese and olive oil. Start with a small amount and slowly increase until it looks right to you. The cheese will melt and mix with the olive oil to form a thick sauce. Voila, you have a delicious and healthy mac and cheese that everyone will love!