Dr. Cara MacMullin B.Sc. ND

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Cara grew up in Cape Breton Island and attended Dalhousie University to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2006, Cara spent her first 10 years of practice working in downtown Toronto. She worked in busy multidisciplinary clinics over that time setting the foundation for her areas of focus and gaining a wealth of knowledge.  

A Mother of two, Cara feels passionately about educating families in health optimization and how to navigate making healthy choices with a busy life. She spent 6 years in a busy downtown clinic specializing in hormone balance and metabolic optimization for women and men. Cara has a passion for helping women through life’s many transitions and the hormone fluctuations that predominate during these times.  From painful menstrual cycles and mood fluctuations of adolescence to the metabolic, mood and physical changes of the menopausal transition, Cara works to support these changes for each woman individually with natural support and a listening ear.

She has added experience working in integrative fertility, recurrent miscarriage, pregnancy, postpartum mood support and pediatric conditions including ADHD, skin conditions, and immune health. With 15 years of clinical experience, Cara has worked with a variety of concerns including autoimmunity, digestive concerns, mental health, and diabetes. 

Cara is also certified in Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture, a natural technique using acupuncture to treat the signs of aging and improve your skin’s tone and vitality.

Cara believes strongly in a patient-centered and integrative approach to health and wellbeing, and encourages patients to be active participants in their individualized plans. Knowledge is essential in one’s journey to optimal health and wellness, and she will continually work to educate and empower patients to elicit change, thereby improving the quality of their lives.

Cara maintains a healthy and active lifestyle with her partner and two sons.  Time with family is spent cycling, hiking local trails, skiing and ensuring they regularly get a healthy dose of nature and outdoor play. On her own, Cara enjoys walking and listening to podcasts, yoga, and time spent with family and good friends.

Dr. MacMullin ND, is licensed and in good standing with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO).  

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