Dr. Brenda Tapp ND

Naturopathic Doctor and IV Therapist

Brenda grew up in Peterborough. After graduating Trent University with a bachelor of science degree she moved to Toronto for 4 years. Here Brenda attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. During her time at CCNM she had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and provide health care to under serviced communities. It was this period in her life that sparked a passion for environmental medicine and global health.

Spending four years in the big city made Brenda realize that Peterborough is where her heart is. After graduating from CCNM as a naturopathic doctor she returned to Peterborough and opened her practice. Brenda has a special interest in cancer, however she see’s a wide variety of patients young and young at heart with ailments ranging from general health to digestive complaints, skin conditions, heart disease and hormone imbalances.

Brenda provides frequent talks and workshops within the community and attends local health and wellness fairs. If you are interested in having Brenda speak at your event, please send her an email. She thoroughly enjoys educating the community about health.

When Brenda is not working she is passionate about yoga, biking, hiking, cooking, reading, camping, traveling, and playing the guitar .. well, she is learning to!

We would love to be your doctor! Naturopathic Medicine is both a way of life and a form of healing. We take our title as doctor very seriously. Doctor means to teach in Latin. A good doctor will teach her patients how to live a healthy life and teach them when and how to use supplements or medications. If you are looking for a naturopathic doctor but unsure about what to expect, let us help you. As naturopathic doctors it is our job to listen to you and to empower you to take charge of your health. There are several ways that we can work together, but they all start with an initial visit.

Work with Me

Initial Consultation

The initial visit involves a complete evaluation of your overall health, diet, and lifestyle. A relevant physical exam may be performed. If required, blood work will be ordered. Please come to the visit with a list of your medications, supplements and any recent blood work or imaging that may be relevant to your health.

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up visits will be booked as needed. Usually these visits are 30 minutes in length, however we do book longer 45 or 60 minute appointments if needed


Acupuncture may be suggested to you as part of your treatment plan. Frequency and quantity of acupuncture treatments varies based on your diagnosis.

Phone or Skype Consults

The initial visit must be an in office visit. The regular fee schedule still applies.

Meet the Doctor

Still not sure if naturopathic medicine is for you? Prospective clients can book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss how naturopathic medicine can help you.

Book an Appointment

Book an appointment by calling the clinic directly, or by emailing the clinic. See our contact information here.