Integrative Cancer Care

How we can help:

  • decrease the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • increase the success of chemotherapy and radiation
  • support your immune system to avoid secondary illnesses
  • improve your overall health and quality of life
  • cancer prevention
  • improve your diet
  • reduce pain
  • adjunctive care if you are seeking new treatment options

Modern treatments like chemotherapy, radiation & surgery are effective at eradicating cancer. However, improving the terrain of our bodies, not only prevents cancer, but also improves the success of chemo/radiation & reduces the harmful side effects. Below are 6 aspects relating to the terrain of our bodies that are imperative to address in cancer treatment and prevention.

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Assessment tools we use:

  • Hormone Testing
  • Environmental Toxin Testing
  • Physical Exams

Treatments we use:

Nutritional Counselling –

Diet has a significant impact on your health. We will work with you to improve your nutritional status before, during and after chemo/radiation. It is important to have a strong nutritional foundation because this will allow you to recover faster after chemotherapy and radiation.

Detoxification –

Many cancers can actually be caused by environmental toxins. Testing for toxins and eliminating them can slow or stop disease. Detoxification is achieved by avoiding sources of exposure and by ensuring adequate function of all organs of elimination: skin, liver, bowels, lungs, and kidneys.

Supplements –

There are many products at health food stores that claim to treat cancer. When it comes to natural supplements, you must be incredibly careful, especially when you have cancer. I can help you make supplement choices based on current research to ensure that what you are taking is not going to interfere with medications, chemotherapy, or radiation.

Acupuncture –

Acupuncture is a great adjunct to your conventional treatment plan. There is no risk of it interacting with medications, chemo, or radiation. It can be used to address any condition from stress to depression, to pain.

Intravenous Vitamin C –

At doses only achievable through intravenous delivery, vitamin C causes hydrogen peroxide accumulation within cancer cells and builds strong stromal tissue, thus reducing metastasis. IV vitamin C reduces pain, improves quality of life, and boots your immune system.

Mistletoe Therapy –

In Europe Mistletoe is the most common form of complementary cancer treatment. It is directly toxic to cancer cells yet protective to the DNA of health cells, it is a strong immunostimulant and prevents metastasis. The preparation we use is called Helixor. Read more about it here.