The Wild Collective Peterborough

Has sisterhood been challenging or unfulfilling in the past? We’ll change that.

Do you have a deep desire to understand your health? Our curriculum will transform your understanding of your health as a woman.

Do you desire more out of life with deep meaningful connection, purposed and passion? You’re in the right place.

Are you not getting the answers you need from Dr. Google or the rest of your healthcare team? Maybe you’ve been told everything is ‘fine’ or ‘it’s all in your head’ or even ‘it’s just part of being female’. 

You deserve better healthcare, health education and empowered self-care. 

You deserve to understand your health. You are the expert on your own body. Connect your physiology to your intuition so that you can reclaim your wild

You deserve sisterhood that will lift you up and supports your health goals. We get why you choose gluten-free, take those supplements, or meditate in the morning. You don’t need to feel alone in your health quest.

The Wild Collective Peterborough starts in:

The Wild Collective Peterborough is a 5-month membership to a supportive community of like-minded women, offering health education that will help ignite passion and purpose into your life. You will learn women’s health curriculum, receive handouts, set health goals that you will work on while being supported by women you want to see you succeed.  Learning about the feminine power from a health perspective will increase awareness and allow you to tap into and be closely connected to your inner voice and intuition.  

We are only opening the semester up to 20 women.

5-month program – starting October 12, 2021

2 sessions per month – every other Tuesday at 6:30pm

2 hours per session -> 1/2 connection + 1/2 health information 

The Wild Collective has supported so many women before you on the reclamation of their wild

.… we are on a soul driven mission to spread the magic like wildfire and help others like you.

Course Curriculum

20 hours with an ND would cost almost $4000

The daily cost for the duration of the program is cheaper than a crappy cup of coffee – sisterhood and health transformation is what you get!

You are worth it

Do you feel like you don’t have the time?

It takes time to create meaningful connections, the time you have with your tribe of wild women is an investment, that yields a worthy return on investment.

We’re sure you’ll agree.

When you live empowered and connected were confident that you will be more productive with the time you have.

Is sisterhood something that caused you stress as it doesn’t feel safe?

This is the entire reason The Wild Collective exists. We need each other to thrive in our health and live a more meaningful life. We are wired for connection and we need an opportunity to transform this narrative.

This is what The Wild Collective has done for me, community is essential to my well-bring connection is something I prioritize and our community is founded on the basis that sisterhood is uplifting, supportive, safe and ridiculously fun.

I have leaned all the way in, and I cannot wait for you to experience the magic of soul-nourishing connection so that you can lean in and transform not only your narrative but also your life.


Join us, your sisterhood awaits. Get started now


If you register before October 1st at midnight you will also receive these bonus offers.

Join my dear friend and therapist Adele Tevlin for 1 hour masterclass on mindset to make the most of this experience, start off this experience by being inspired by Adele’s magic. Get prepared to cultivate your skilled mind.

Valued at $500

Join Dr. Shyamala Kiru MD for a relationship boot camp. This Bootcamp is designed to help you build confidence and transform relationships in your life into high-performance relationships.

Valued at $1500

$50 off your registration fee!

Meet Dr. Brenda Tapp ND

Sisterhood is the medicine I never knew I needed.

I mean I had devoured all the research for years in school, on an intellectual level it made sense. If I wanted thriving health I needed to prioritize connection, but connection had been a scary thing in the past. Having been through situations of social rejection and bullying, sisterhood has been something I actually avoided in the past.

Cultivating my own group of wild women, who I consider my sisters, has transformed this narrative for me, because we offer high vibration, meaningful connection. Sisterhood was what I needed to level up in every way and live in alignment with my core values. It was necessary to be healed and made be braver then I could have ever thought possible.

As a clinician, it is often hard to get women to face the obstacles to cure that are seriously getting in the way of thriving health. Negative self-talk, sadness, hanging out with energy vampires. It is my experience that sisterhood is the answer.

You deserve a curriculum that empowers you about health and your physiology. The reclamation of your wild is through health information that connects your physiology to your intuition. You deserve access to a deeper understanding of integrative medicine, what tests provide you clarity in your health, evidence based natural solutions that support vitalism.

Health care offered in a one-on-one fashion is essential for individualized care, however after 10 years of private practice I can tell you that true, lasting health transformation is achieved when we incorporate community.  And it’s a lot more fun 😉 

It is now an honour to share this space with other facilitators who are also be witnesses of such beautiful transformations. 

One where women stand in their light, gain clarity on purpose, take bold action in their life.  I truly hope every person is lucky enough to witness and be a part of such humanity.


Women’s health curriculum a deeper knowing of the Divine Feminine can be yours too, you just have to show up…Your collective awaits.

Wasted Time…

We have met these women before, they go from Naturopathic Doctor to another without much shift in their symptoms.

In just 2 hours twice a month for the next five months, you learn a foundational women’s health curriculum we wish every woman had access to, the basics to leave you empowered and able to articulate and advocate for your own health care needs.

… and a sisterhood that feels like soul food.

This is the combination that results in lasting transformation, you don’t have to do it alone, you were never meant to.

Wasted Money…

This amount of time spent with a Naturopathic Doctor, 20 hours to be exact, would normally cost you thousands (almost $4000), this information is curated by health professionals that believe you deserve better access to health care information.

You have lifetime access to the information, a community of other Rebel woman who are as passionate about health transformation like yourself.

And the daily cost is cheaper than a crappy cup of coffee.

You are worth so much more, you’re worth the Venti with milk alternative add on

(but luckily it won’t cost you that much) 😉

When women join The Wild Collective they feel empowered, deeply connected to themselves, their intuition and to each other.  They are brave, they lean in, trust their potential and advocate for superior healthcare. 

They fill their cup so that they can care for those around them.

I hear you, and I understand.

You have been told everything is fine, despite feeling symptoms of feeling unwell and knowing there is something out of balance with your body.

You need clarity, The Wild Collective provides a health curriculum that teaches you about your physiology, educates you on the tests available to give you answers and educates on natural treatment options that you can talk to your health care provider about.

I want you to get further.

You crave more meaning, you know that there is something powerful waiting within you to be unlocked.

You want to know yourself better, you want to understand, you want to feel deeply connected to yourself and serving your purpose.

Healthcare can be fun.

We laugh and know the value of joyous connection.

You get all the health information you need, but we do also promise a good time.

The Wild Collective Find Your Sisterhood, Reclaim Your Wild
Learn how everything you need to thrive has been within you all along.We will help you understand how the divine feminine is the key to unlocking this power within. Classes start in October 12, 2021.

There are only 20 spots available, and the next semester won’t be available until the new year!


Early bird pricing

One-time payment before October 1st, 2021


Regular Pricing

One-time payment




2 Installments



Discover, Cultivate, Become your power

Learn how everything you need to thrive has been within you all along.

We will help you understand how the divine feminine is the key to unlocking this power within.

What Wild Collective Alumni are saying:

“I was initially drawn to The Wild Collective as I had seen all the positive experiences that others who have attended in the past took away from it. Before I started The Wild Collective I didn’t know what it truly meant to connect with a community of like-minded women. Beyond my immediate circle of friends, the idea of learning about myself and exploring my divine feminine with a group of other women I hardly knew seemed foreign to me. 

After the first session, it was clear that this was a place where I felt like I belonged. It didn’t take long for me to be comfortable in this setting with women from so many different backgrounds. Despite any differences, we are all united in our passion for health and to live our true purpose.

As each session progresses, I have found myself forming a deeper connection with many of the women in the group. Each month, the content has been combined with the opportunity for each of us to be heard and speak in a safe place. Being able to do this has helped me tremendously. because I can speak without judgment and am met with empathy.

The content in each session has been refreshing and enlightening, helping me to better understand myself from the inside out. I have been able to take many of the lessons learned and apply them to my daily life. I feel confident now that I have the right tools to stand in my power as a woman who truly understands her body and mind. 

Whether we have connected in person or virtually, I have always felt supported but our facilitator. Having a place to chat with other members in the private Facebook group has been instrumental in ensuring we can share resources with each other to further help in our journey. Without the ability to connect in person, we have successfully done a session over zoom, and I felt more comfortable and connected than ever. The power of this technology allowed us to feel like we were still in the room together. To be honest, I felt even more open and comfortable sharing from my own couch!  

I have been lucky to be able to connect with many of the women outside of The Wild Collective, and I truly believe there will be several lasting friendships that have come as a result of this. I truly believe it has led to my personal growth, has made me more confident and comfortable, and importantly, opened my eyes up to the shared experiences of women from all walks of life. We are all truly connected and the program helped me see the beauty of that connection.” 


I cannot thank my friend who recommended I join The Wild Collective enough. I found a group of like-minded women, a safe place to share and learn and a community. As months went by, I grew closer to each and every one of them, knowing them better than some of my friends. I learned a ton of incredibly valuable knowledge about my own body and health, received validation of my emotions, feelings and experiences and I was welcomed just the way I am. It is incredibly hard to put into words how it changed my life, made me feel stronger and empowered. Gaining such knowledge and wisdom about yourself can really put you in charge of your own life. I made new friends, cleansed my life of unhealthy relationships and embarked on a journey to create a better vision of my ideal self and how to achieve that.  In these challenging times, it also has not let us down. We have moved the meetings to online and we are connecting just the same, if not more. There have been amazing add-ons like free webinars to help us through all of this. Because as Rebels, we are really in this together, making sure we lift each other up.

– Eve

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I have to miss a session? Sessions will be recorded for your group, for you to watch sessions you have to miss.  All PowerPoint presentations, session recordings and handouts will be uploaded into your FB group.  

Is this program for extroverts & introverts? Great question! We have designed this program to meet the needs of all connection styles.  We have moments & events that energize the extroverts and we have events that support and nourish the needs of the introverts.  Its win/win.

Is the community & connection as powerful as a virtual experience as it is as a in person experience? We have been privileged enough to host The Wild Collective sessions virtually and in person and there has been no compromise with regards to the connection amongst the wild women.  If connection is what you crave, we have you covered, we have researched, invested and poured our hearts into ensuring we have strategies in place so that this is a powerful dose of sisterhood.

What is the flow of these sessions? 50% Sisterhood/ Connection, 50% Women’s health curriculum, 100% Wild reclamation

What if I don’t want to share? There is no pressure to share at all.  Although we have yet to meet a woman who didn’t love sharing… (true story) That could be due to the way we do sisterhood different.  Get ready to fill your cup and feel energized by the Rebel Tribe connection experience.

Is this targeted to a specific age group or health condition for women? Quick answer: No! Absolutely not. We crave to have a diverse collective of women, different ages, life experiences we all have something to offer and we all can learn and benefit from the collective experience.  We are in love with celebrating women at every age. Historically women hung out together in a Tribe, we are just kicking it old school.  Once you experience the magic, you’ll wonder why we ever stopped.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind? Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this program.







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