Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a complex and multi-factorial chronic illness. Subsequently there is no straight-forward, one-size-fits-all approach to treating it. At PCNM we adopt a comprehensive approach consisting of antibiotic herbs, IV therapy, detoxification, digestive support, dietary changes and symptom management.

Learn more about Lyme disease in this short clip from Fox News.

Lyme Assessment

Chronic Lyme disease is predominantly a clinical diagnosis. Lab tests are used to back up the clinical impression and positively identify the presence of Lyme disease and/or co-infections.

ELISA: First test done measuring an immune reaction against borrelia, but it is not highly sensitive and many cases are missed. A negative ELISA test does not rule out Lyme disease! This is not considered to be a sensitive test.

Western Blot: The second test ordered if the ELISA comes back positive. This test looks at immunoglobulin M (active, current infection) and immunoglobulin G (longer term, more chronic infection or past exposure).

The conventional tests ordered by most family physicians are less than 50% effective at catching a Lyme infection.

At PCNM we use a Lyme specific lab known as IgeneX.

Due to the complexity of Lyme disease, it is important that you see a Lyme Literate or a Lyme Aware Naturopathic Doctor like Dr. Tapp.LLNDs and LANDs have extensive training and expertise in the area of Lyme disease.