Holistic Nutrition – Chantelle Hinze RN

Nutritional therapists view health and disease from a holistic standpoint analyzing the client as a whole rather than working on the health condition or disease itself. Through various assessment techniques, Chantelle Hinze analyzes her clients to isolate specific issues and deficiencies within the body aiming to pinpoint root causes of illness. She then develops an individualized protocol with her client that involves many modalities including homeopathic, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations. Recommendations include the use of foundational foods as well as remedies from herbs, plants, minerals, vitamins, and homeopathic substances.

Biochemical individuality is the term that denotes how we differ nutritionally. Each individual client needs the same food factors however each person is unique in their requirements for each nutrient. Some individuals have unusually high needs for certain nutrients due to inborn metabolic weaknesses. Many individuals have highly stressful lifestyles which place high nutritional demands on our bodies. Every client is recognized as an individual and as such has unique needs in order to reach optimal health. As a nutritional consultant, Chantelle works to determine these needs and devise individualized protocols for each client.  

Chantelle has extensive experience in the healthcare field gained over the last 12 years. She began her passion in healthcare by completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Trent University and then went on to work in an emergency room as a Registered Nurse. The experience she gained in this time was invaluable. It allowed her to have in depth knowledge of disease processes and pathophysiology as well as a great knowledge of allopathic medicine and its treatment options. After having children, Chantelle began to have some severe health issues including severe eczema and kidney and liver failure.  After searching desperately for answers to her illness, she was eventually led to discover alternative medicine and what it has to offer. Live cell microscopy highlighted her severe fungal infection which finally put Chantelle on the path to healing using nutrition, herbal, homeopathic, naturopathic, lifestyle changes and NAET therapy. This sparked a new interest and passion for Chantelle. She began immersing herself in anything and everything she could get her hands on that had to do with healthy living and preventative and restorative holistic approaches to healthcare. Chantelle began a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition and also became a Certified Live Cell Microscopist. Her passion and focus is on educating and empowering her clients in preventative and restorative healthcare through various natural modalities. She is continually upgrading her education and is highly knowledgeable with the most cutting edge natural and holistic healthcare options.